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Is a new generation perfluoroelastomer developed by GM.I. Bergamo and distributed by FluorTecno.

Its resistance to chemical aggression, heat and mechanical stress are those typical of the best perfluoroelastomers available on the market.

Price and sales service in terms of finals product customization, make
Kaflon® the smart choice. FDA approved, EU 10/2011, AED and manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified environment.

Distributed, upon GM.I license by: FLUORTECNO srl - Via delle Imprese, 34/36 - 24041 Brembate (BG) - Tel. +39 035.487.4077 - P.I. FluorTecno 11812930151 - E-mail: FT@guastallo.com

www.guastallo.com - Calcio and Cividate al Piano (BG) facilities
Distribuito su licenza GM.I da FLUORTECNO srl - Tel. +39 035.487.4077 - P.I. FLUORTECNO 11812930151 - E-mail: FT@guastallo.com
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